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miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Working on the site.

Too much time without posting any news, sorry!
The work is going really well on schedule, and 15 pages are already finished.
I´m working also on a site ( I hope it will be up the first days of October) where you could see some extense previews of the work done, and also with a section of PREORDERS for those of you interested on make your purchase in advance.
Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the big news!

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Rough pages WIP

Now working on the final rough pages of the book. This time I´m working in a different way (compared to book#1) to achieve better drawing&inking and make the whole book look better.
I´ll explain the process on the Artbook, and make a selection of rough pages to show there.

Also working on a site to make preorders easily and have everyone interested on the series focused on just one direction. Still a lot of work to do!

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Brigada#2 Storyboard at half way.

Just updating news telling you that more than half of the storyboard is already made. It is expected to be completed by the end of this month. Is going really well!

The whole storyboard will be included on the PenUSB version of the book, and a just a selection of them on the Artbok #2.

We are working on another pre-sales campaign for customers who couldn´t make their pledge on the Verkami campaign. We´ll announce it as soon as we have it ready.

martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Erwin 3D print.

The 3D print of the Erwin miniature is out and ready to start the mold work. We´ll be updating the progress of it.
The work on the book is going well, now starting the final storyboard.
We are planning to open a site were you could make preorders in an easy way, we´ll anounce it when ready.

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

BRIGADA #2: The art of Joaquin Palacios.

Amazing 3D Art of Joaquin Palacios for the redesigned Erwin miniature.
This is the first step and now the model goes to a 3D printer for making the master piece (and then producing copies, mounting, painting them...). I´ll keep updating here about it.
By now, just enjoy the great quality of the work made by Joaquin.
Here´s the link to know more of his work:

martes, 21 de enero de 2014


Quedan menos de dos semanas para hacer vuestro aporte. El ritmo de esta campaña es mucho mejor que el de Brigada#1 (a 9 días aún quedaban por recaudar 17000€) ,¡pero no debemos dormirnos! ¡Vamos a conseguirlo!
Me anticipo al premio desbloqueado a los 29000€ : Este print de Avian DE REGALO con vuestro pack! (excluido en compras de PDF digital)
¡Muchas gracias a todos y a seguir difundiendo para llegar lo más lejos posible!
Moins de deux semaines restent pour faire votre apport. Le rythme de cette campagne est bien meilleur que de Brigada#1 (par 9 jours toujours ils restaient pour recueillir un 17000€): mais nous ne nous devons pas nous endormir! Nous allons reussir!
Je devance au prix débloqué au 29000€ : Ce print d'Avian EN CADEAU avec votre pack! (exclu dans des achats de PDF digital)
Merci beaucoup à tous et à continuer de faire difusion pour arriver le plus loin possible!
Less than two weeks left to end the campaign and make your pledge. The funding this time is going really better than on Brigada#1´s campaign ( at 9 days to deadline there were still needed 17000€ left to reach the goal)
But we shouldn´t stop! Let´s make it real!
I unblock in advance the reward offered at 29000€: this Avian´s print included FOR FREE on your pack! (excluded digital version customers)
Thanks a lot everyone and keep spreading the news to make it big!